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Frequency Tables: SMD Crystal Resonators

Popular frequencies used in quartz-based resonators for a wide range of SMD packages.

Frequency (MHz)
3.579545MHz Crystal
8MHz Crystal
8.704MHz Crystal
9.4961MHz Crystal
9.84375MHz Crystal
10MHz Crystal
10.24MHz Crystal
12MHz Crystal
12.688MHz Crystal
12.8MHz Crystal
13MHz Crystal
13.4008MHz Crystal
14.31818MHz Crystal
16MHz Crystal
18MHz Crystal
19.2MHz Crystal
19.44MHz Crystal
19.9992MHz Crystal
20MHz Crystal
24MHz Crystal
24.576MHz Crystal
25MHz Crystal
26MHz Crystal
28.224MHz Crystal
29.4912MHz Crystal
30MHz Crystal
32MHz Crystal
33.33MHz Crystal
38.4MHz Crystal
39.3216MHz Crystal
40MHz Crystal
42.5MHz Crystal
49.152MHz Crystal
50MHz Crystal
85MHz Crystal
114.258MHz Crystal

The above frequencies are available in the following surface mount packages:

Package sizes: 
7.0x5.0mm (7050)
6.0x3.5mm (6035)
5.0x3.2mm (5032)
4.0x2.5mm (4025)
3.2x2.5mm (3225)
2.5x2.0mm (2520)
2.0x1.6mm (2016)
1.6x1.2mm (1612)