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Frequency Tables: Clock Oscillators

Popular frequencies used in quartz-based clock oscillators for a wide range of SMD packages.

Frequency (MHz)
1MHz Oscillator
1.544MHz Oscillator
2MHz Oscillator
2.4576MHz Oscillator
3.6864MHz Oscillator
4MHz Oscillator
7.68MHz Oscillator
10MHz Oscillator
12MHz Oscillator
14.7465MHz Oscillator
16MHz Oscillator
18MHz Oscillator
20MHz Oscillator
22.1184MHz Oscillator
24MHz Oscillator
24MHz Oscillator
24.576MHz Oscillator
25MHz Oscillator
26MHz Oscillator
28.8MHz Oscillator
32MHz Oscillator
33MHz Oscillator
33.3333MHz Oscillator
34.368MHz Oscillator
35.328MHz Oscillator
37.056MHz Oscillator
38.88MHz Oscillator
40MHz Oscillator
40.96MHz Oscillator
44.736MHz Oscillator
48MHz Oscillator
49.152MHz Oscillator
50MHz Oscillator
56.25MHz Oscillator
60MHz Oscillator
62.5MHz Oscillator
64MHz Oscillator
65.536MHz Oscillator
65.536MHz Oscillator
66MHz Oscillator
66.66MHz Oscillator
66.666MHz Oscillator
66.6666MHz Oscillator
66.66667MHz Oscillator
66.667MHz Oscillator
70.656MHz Oscillator
75MHz Oscillator
77.665MHz Oscillator
80MHz Oscillator
90MHz Oscillator
96MHz Oscillator
98.304MHz Oscillator
100MHz Oscillator
106.25MHz Oscillator
122.88MHz Oscillator
125MHz Oscillator
131.072MHz Oscillator
150MHz Oscillator
155.52MHz Oscillator
156.25MHz Oscillator
168.75MHz Oscillator
175.24MHz Oscillator
175.5MHz Oscillator
200MHz Oscillator
312.5MHz Oscillator

The above frequencies are available in the following surface mount packages:

Package size: 
7.0x5.0mm (7050)
5.0x3.2mm (5032)
3.2x2.5mm (3225)
2.5x2.0mm (2520)
Full Size (14 Pin)
Half-Size (8 Pin)